Monday, February 25, 2013


What a great weather we have.
Good weather for everything, walking, driving around, gardening, washing, and so on and on!
Little bit of frost at night an during the day lots of sunshine and.... no wind.

Everthing looks great, with lovely colours,

The road to the Old Pier, Falcarragh
Do you see  island Tory?

Standing on the Old Pier, Falcarragh

View at Island  Inishbofin

On the dunes Falcarragh

Harbour in Portnablagh

View at Horn Head
Lough Gartan

Slán go foill

Monday, February 18, 2013

New chickens

Yesterday we bought five new chickens, two of them are brown and three black
The three chickens we already have don’t lay eggs anymore so they are not productive.
But we have enough space so they are staying too.
I think they don’t like each other right now but that’s a matter of time.
The rooster likes them so that’s a good thing.

Slán, Henny